Learning ASP.NET Core: Migration trouble

I ran into my first little hick up when trying to run my migrations. in ASP.NET Core 1.1 you have to run this from the command line, or powershell. I tried from the command line.

dotnet ef migrations add "Basic setup"

I get a big red message saying No executable matching dotnet ef

Seems like I’m not the first one running into this, but I forgot to try the most obvious thing first.

I checked my csproj file, moved stuff around, tried several dotnet restores and dotnet builds from the command line. After a while I tried to run the command from a different directory. This time I used toe project dir, not the solution dir, and it worked right away.

When my migration was created I just ranĀ dotnet ef database update

Everything looked ok, except I missed two tables. I realized I forgot to add them to the database context, but after I did that and made another migration everything worked fine.

I haven’t been writing much code yet, but already feed I’ve come quite far.

Next step will be to generate some views and controllers for database edits and start looking into dotnet.Identity.


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