Learning ASP.NET Core: My requirements


I need an aplication where I quickly create, edit and delete pages. Similar to what Wordpres has, but with less features. I also want to be able to write blog posts like this one and categorize them. Tags would be nice, but is not high priority. In addition to this, I want a way to write and organize programming challanges and organize them into categories in multiple levels.

I can (and will) use wordpress for this right now, but as a developer I want something that’s organized the way I want it, and I also want to learn ASP.NET Core.

Below is a structured list of the features I want along with the priority.

Required features:

These features are required to even make this useful. I won’t go into detail about each feature in this post. I’ll do that when I start implementation of each feature.

  • Database support (I want to store everything in a database)
  • User authentication (for admin)
  • pages (create, edit delete, automatic routing)
  • Blog posts / articles (with pagination)
  • Categories (Multiple levels)
  • HTML or Markdown editor/import for content.

Extra features:

These features are things that I would love to have. They are not prioritized, but some of them would be great to have for things to work smoothly.

  • File upload (admin
  • Browse uploade files
  • Tags
  • Comments
  • Editable menus

Som technical details

I want to run the app on Ubuntu 16.04 with Nginx. For the database I’ll be using PostgreSQL because I know it quite well, ¬†and think it’s better than MySQL/MariaDB.

This isn’t really well through-out yet. It’s basically just a wish list, and will change in the future. I’ll update this post or make a new one when that happens.




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