Learning ASP.NET Core

For a very long time I’ve been using PHP for almost all of my server side scripting. A few years ago I decided to get into c# for some desktop stuff, but never did any web developent with it. I made a few small projects in classic ASP as well as the first version (I think) of ASP.NET back when I first started out with web develoment, but nothing else. Since linux hosting has been cheaper, I’ve been sticking to languages that works on Linux until recently. When ASP.NET Core first came out I was happy to hear about it, but from what I read, I felt it was a bit early to get into it.

Recently however, I decided to give it a try. I haven’t done any real development in it yet, but I decided to blog about my experience with it during development. I’ll do ┬áthe development on Windows, but my goal is to deploy on Linux.

What I want is a web app with a very basic system (doesn’t have to be user friendly) for editing pages, publish posts similar to this one. If this works out, I’ll try to port this site to ASP.NET Core but that will probably take a long time, and maybe won’t happen at all.

I don’t have that much time to work on this, and I also have some other projects (like small games) I want to work on.

Hopefully I, and maybe someone else can learn from the problems I run into.

I’ll do a more detailed specification of the project in my next post.

DISCLAIMER: I’m a PHP developer with very little experiance of .NET on the web. I won’t use best practices, I’ll try to talk about the problems I run into, as well as my experiance with ASP.NET Core. I haven’t worked much with the larger, more full fledged PHP frameworks either, but my experiance iwth them are pretty bad so far.

I’ve done some testing with ASP.NET Core, and so far, I’m quite impressed. I’ll do another post about that.




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