Length Difference programming exercise

Length Difference programming exercise.

There ware once a war in the ancient kingdoms of strings. And army of char arrays fought each other for a millennia. But not anymore! You my friend, you are chosen to write a function that will bring a peace, by programmatically solve all their battles. Your job is:

You are given two string arrays. Array X and array Y. Count the number of characters in X and Y and determine who have more and how much more. Then return the result in a nice string message.

x = {"aaa","bb", "dd"} //a total of 7 characters
y = {"aa", "f", "gg"} //a total of 5 characters

"The winner is X for he have 2 more characters!"
    public static string whoWins(string[] x, string[] y)
    //lets declare two variables for counting characters.
    //old Fortran users can do it even with one variable 
    //but anyway..
        int a = 0; int b = 0;
    //we will use foreach to go trough every string
    //and this "Length" property every string have (in c#)
    //and count them
        foreach (var item in x)
            a = a + item.Length;
        foreach (var item in y)
            b = b + item.Length;
    //after that we will decide the result 
    //and return it 
        if (a > b) return "X wins! " + "Chars left: " + (a - b);
        else if(b > a) return "Y wins! " + "Chars left: " + (b - a);
        else return "Draw!";