This is the start of a series of about 40 programming exercise for beginners. I hope that they will be fun for novice programmers. Try to solve all of them. Have fun 🙂

This is a classical coding problem, and many students around the world solve it on a daily basis. There will be a solution under the problem, but its a good idea to try to first solve it on your own. The solution will be in the C# programming language.

Write a function that returns the number (count) of vowels in the given string.
We will consider a, e, i, o, u as vowels (but not y).

Scroll down for the solution.

using System;

public static int GetVowelCount(string str)
//first we are going to reserve a piece of memory
//it will be an integer and we will name it vowelCount 
    int vowelCount = 0; 
//this ToLower() function will make all the letters lowercase
    str = str.ToLower(); 
//then we will go through every character in the string 
//and if one of the characters is a Vowel we will increase
//the the number stored in (memory)vowelCount,  by using 
//++ operator (it adds +1) to our integer variable.
// "||" is the OR operator. So we are saying that
//if c is equal to 'a' or if c is equal to 'e' and so on...
   foreach (char c in str)
            if (c == 'a' || c == 'e' || c == 'i' || c == 'o' || c == 'u')
    return vowelCount;

There is many way to solve this coding problem, also there is many programming languages. I will use C#, because is a C based language, and also is widely used. For example Unity3d (the most popular game engine) uses C#. Also with C# you can write for PC, Linux, MacOS, iPhone, Android, and other devices by using .NET Core.