When learning a new programming language, it’s sometimes difficult to find and evaluate tutorials and programming resources, especially if you’re just getting started with your first language. Even if you find the right tutorial/book for your needs, you may find it difficult to actually use the stuff they teach you. After learning multiple programming languages I still find myself doing basic exercises while getting my feet wet. If you’re new to programming, you’ll probably end up trying something that’s way above your level of experiance. While searching the web, I wasn’t able to find enough relevant basic exercises and decided to start putting together my own.


The goal of this website is to provide simple generic exercises for people trying to get into programming or software deveopment. I’ll try to make the very basic stuff generic, so people can complete them in almost any language, however, many exercises will be easier to complete in languages more suitable for that particular task. I’ll try to provide language suggestions, prerequisits and possibly language starter templates and solutions when possible. My goal is also to provide a few quizzes for different experiance levels or on specific concepts. I will not write my own tutorials at this time, that’s is beyound the scope of this site, and there’s more than enough good stuff out there, both free and paid, to get started. I will however, post any links I find useful.

I will also talk about some of the things I’m learning myself, as well as some private project I hope to get done.